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Digital track & trace for regulatory compliance

Russia has introduced a nationwide digital track and trace system under regulations laid out in Federal Law No. 425-FZ.

By 2024, the goal is that every single consumer good is digitally traceable and connected and compliant with Chestny ZNAK, the National Track and Trace Digital System, which is managed by the Center for Research in Perspective Technologies (CRPT) The new regulations aim to protect consumers from counterfeit and substandard products.

The Russian project is the largest of its kind in the world, covering all product groups from pharmaceuticals, tobacco and alcohol to dairy and bottled drinking water. The system authenticates and tracks all products throughout the supply chain from manufacturer to end consumer. Companies wishing to operate in Russia must ensure compliance with the regulations or risk fines or exclusion from this lucrative market.

The regulations are under constant development but at the core they cover serialization, aggregation, unit- and batch-level traceability, crypto codes and digital reporting and records management.

All products are required to be marked with a unique ID code, a 2D Data Matrix code with an alphanumeric sequence that contains at least:

  • A Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)
  • Serial number (such as a kezzlercode)
  • Verification code (crypto code)

The goal is to create complete traceability throughout the supply chain as the code is scanned and registered in the government’s central database at each point from manufacture to point of sale consumer. Consumers can use an app to verify authenticity and find out information about the origin of the product. 

Companies wishing to operate in Russia must ensure compliance with the regulations or risk fines or exclusion from this lucrative market.

Dairy Products:

The pilot for the Dairy industry began back in 2019 and mandatory labelling for some products is scheduled to start in January 2021 and for other product groups by October, 2021.

For Dairy products, Chestny ZNAK works in cooperations with a government electronic veterinary certification system known as Mercury. Mercury tracks dairy products from farms and processing plants where Chestny ZNAK then takes over responsibility for tracking to the end consumer. As with other industries, dairy products must be marked with 2D Data Matrix Codes. These codes are associated with veterinary documents in order to provide proof of provenance for the products and this information is passed along the entire supply chain. Products must accommodate these codes in the packaging. Aggregation is also needed, with the parent-child relationship maintained between the aggregation and individual units.

A Dairy Data Matrix code consists of:
  • Goods code (14 numerical digits)
  • An individual serial number (such as a kezzlercode) of the goods item generated by the system operator or economic agent (13 digits)
  • Expiration dates (6 characters — non-perishables, 10 — perishables)
  • A verification key provided by the system operator (4 digits)

Kezzler – Independent and Agnostic Platform

Kezzler Platform for Russian Compliance

The Kezzler cloud-based traceability platform is uniquely placed to manage the complexities around projects that require the provision of secure digital codes, traceability across complex supply chains from raw material sourcing to end consumer and real-time validation of the data that this generates. By integrating with the national system,  our Level 4 platform minimizes the overhead of compliance for any manufacturer that also wants to benefit internally from traceability of their products, whether they are exported to Russia or not. Contact our team for more information.

In addition to a government compliant, secure and transparent supply chain, there is additional value created for brands and consumers through improved internal processes, enhanced consumer experiences and better decision making through new insights into the supply chain. 

  • Key proprietary and patented technology components give the Kezzler platform virtually an unlimited scalability in handling the massive amounts of data in unit level traceability for our customers.
  • Kezzler’s platform facilitates the provision of UIDs and collection of relevant data through integrations with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), or manual product activations. 
  • Supports the acquisition of data from the supply-chain via integration with logistics systems, or manual tracking through dedicated apps. 
  • Modules allow brands to bring augmented product experiences to end consumers, and to capture last mile consumption data.  
  • Supports customers in analyzing our structured and highly customizable data-sets, including government reporting.