Protect brands and increase sales

Know exactly what is happening to your consumer goods with kezzlercodes. And connect with your consumers.

Our FMCG Solutions

Brand owners can protect against counterfeit products, create direct relationships with consumers and track products through the distribution chains

Through secure SaaS solutions, kezzlercodes prevent fraud, allowing you and others to see where exactly your product is in the supply chain and enabling brand owners to talk directly and in real-time with their end consumers.

Brand Protection

Efficiently stop counterfeit products and unauthorized distribution by making every product unique, while simplifying the verification of authenticity.

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Track and Trace

Track and trace products from creation to consumption, garnering deeper insights into the product journey and the entire product life cycle.

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Consumer Engagement

Enable consumer engagement directly through the product. Build trust, increase loyalty, and instantly reward consumers.

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Combining massively scalable serialization with the benefits of distributed ledger technology.

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FMCG specific benefits

  • Stronger sales
  • Enhanced customer insight
  • Geo-fencing functionality
  • Waste reduction
  • Seamless integration with ERP/MES