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Kezzler deploys its patented serialization technology to help clients meet challenges from counterfeit goods and unauthorised distribution, to track- and traceability concerns and consumer engagement.

Using state of the art encryption technology, Kezzler gives every item a unique, secure and traceable identity in the form of a code. These codes serve as a foundation for numerous applications from production control and validation, to product history and tracking, recall and expiry date handling, as well as loyalty programs and customer support.


The food industry is challenged by the increasing demand for greater transparency and consumer engagement. Kezzler solutions achieve transparency cost-effectively.

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Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Brand owners can protect against counterfeit products, create direct relationships with consumers and track products through the distribution chains.

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The pharmaceutical industry is the most mature market of serialisation, largely due to the EU Falsified Medicine Directive and the US Drug Supply Chain Security Act. However, there are still no guarantees that counterfeit medicines won’t find their way to consumers.

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Counterfeit or black market products represent a significant loss of revenue and a growing problem for government agencies worldwide. The answer? Monitoring each individual product through kezzlercodes.

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Kezzler’s ability to pre-serialise packaging through its cloud solution and activate the codes at a later stage is a pre-requisite of doing mass serialisation. As a result, significant operation and implementation cost savings are achieved.

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Solutions powered by Kezzler

Our cloud platform enables serialization on a mass scale giving every product a unique identity in the connected world. We link brand owners with their products, all the way from the point of manufacture right through to the end consumer.

Brand Protection

Efficiently stop counterfeit products and unauthorized distribution by making every product unique, while simplifying the verification of authenticity.

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Track and Trace

Track and trace products from creation to consumption, garnering deeper insights into the product journey and the entire product life cycle.

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Consumer Engagement

Enable consumer engagement directly through the product. Build trust, increase loyalty, and instantly reward consumers.

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Combining massively scalable serialization with the benefits of distributed ledger technology.

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With Amcor, a world leader in flexibles and rigid plastics packaging, we partner to apply unique identifiers to labels and packaging. This enables brand owners with new ways to provide individualised and interactive experiences for consumers.


Kezzler and Arca Etichette Spa partner to promote brand protection solution Kezzler Authenticate in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and food industries. Read more about Kezzler's partnership with Arca


BillerudKorsnäs offer the global packaging market sustainable paper and board material as well as packaging solutions. As an investor in Kezzler they support our vision of a future where packages are connected to enable safety, transparency and consumer interaction.


Kezzler is a Silver Solution Partner member of the GS1 US Solution Partner Program, a designation signifying a commitment to delivering services and solutions that enable quick, efficient and accurate GS1 Standards implementation.


With SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, we have a strategic alliance agreement to jointly market track and trace, brand protection and consumer engagement services to their global customers.


Together with Toppan Printing Company, we use encryption technology together with our cloud–based solution to offer a wide range of security technologies providing brands with multiple layers of defense against counterfeit, tampering and diversion.

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