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Digital Product Passports based on GS1 Standards

The European Union will soon require certain products sold in the EU market to have a digital product passport (DPP).

A digital product passport is a digital record of a unique product’s complete life cycle, storing key traceability data about the product, all aimed at supporting the circular economy, decarbonization, and sustainability.

The DPP is a step forward in creating sustainable value chains, standardizing the information that must be included by manufacturers for every product.

To facilitate this data collection and sharing, a standardized approach is needed. A scannable code on the product itself must lead to the digital product passport, and the GS1 Digital Link standard in a QR code (or RFID) format is the natural way to do so. GS1 recently hosted a webinar on the DPP along with Kezzler, which is available to watch on-demand.

Watch the on-demand webinar now: GS1 Sweden & Kezzler explain digital product passports and the possibilities with GS1 Standards


Alice Mukaru
Product Manager
GS1 Sweden

Simen Kjelberg
VP Strategy

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why the EU is implementing digital product passports
  • How and in what industries will DPP be rolled out
  • How GS1 Digital Link will support DPP initiatives
  • What companies are doing to prepare while gaining immediate business value

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Let’s discuss Digital Product Passports and what you can do to prepare while also gaining immediate business value

Simen Kjellberg
Simen Kjellberg

VP Strategy