Digitizing Industrial products for a smarter future

Product digitization enables manufacturers to unlock the value of real-time product data and offer differentiated experiences to engage with new and existing customers, partners, distributors and retailers. Achieve measurable results with augmented products such as improved product traceability contributing to corporate ESG goals and increased customer lifetime value.

The Kezzler platform is flexible, modular and easy to integrate into new proprietary or existing IT solutions. Ensuring quick deployment and minimizing wasted time.

Build trust, increase loyalty and get last-mile data

Comply with product traceability requirements

Full visibility across
product lifecycle

Stop counterfeits and detect product diversion

The areas of functionality





Track &

Scalable and flexible architecture

At the center of our Enterprise Traceability Platform is Kezzler Core, serving as the repository for all serialization and traceability data. Built on a scalable and flexible architecture adaptable to meet our customers changing requirements and future needs.

Key proprietary and patented technology components give virtually unlimited scalability in handling the massive amounts of data in unit-level traceability for our customers.

Graph of the kezzler ecosystem, connected to the Brand Owner, the Consumer, Logistics and Production.

Digitalizing supply chains: Visibility from the factory floor to end customer

Unit level serialization is the first step to digitalizing supply chains. Follow your products from raw materials to end customers. Get deep insights into the flow through the entire product life-cycle. 

Enhance customer trust and engage end-users directly with your product. Let them check authenticity and provenance while being rewarded for their loyalty.

Palet of Industrial goods, on which there is a barcode, allowing to confirm its authenticity and authorised distribution.

Prevent fraud and parallel imports

Efficiently stop counterfeit products and illicit trade by securing your supply chain. Customer engagement initiatives can be targeted towards different markets, providing tailored information on aspects such as warranty, safety instructions and maintenance.

  • Real-time manufacturing overview
  • Maintain control of authenticity throughout the supply chain
  • Efficiently manage product recalls and warranties
  • Channel diversion management
  • Effective channel sales incentives

Mature, modular platform

Real world traceability scenarios on map
Rich feature set, developed with customers

Proven in real-world scenarios, supporting a wide array of use cases and organizational setups

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Extremely scalable technology, with patented core technologies

Technological competitive advantage in massive volumes: currently used in the world´s largest commercial serialization project, with product volumes in the billions.

Scalable, patented traceability technology
Flexible traceability platform, system, carrier, code, cloud, application agnostic, RFID.
Flexible platform
  • System agnostic: Can integrate with existing IT software
  • Carrier agnostic: Any carrier: QR code, Datamatrix, NFC, RFID
  • Code agnostic: Kezzler UIDs and other vendor and goverment issued codes, and GS1 SSCC
  • Cloud agnostic: Amazon, Azure, Alibaba, Yandex etc.
  • Application agnostic: labels or product packaging (in-line printed or pre-serialized)
  • RESTful APIs with data transfer over JSON
  • Standards based (GS1, EPCIS, “SAP-RECADV/ASN”)
  • Gateway API: flexible business logic architecture allowing quick deployment of custom APIs

Selected Global Partners

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Patented core technologies

Unique Digital Identites

Digital Mass Encryption® (DME) enables Core to generate and validate cryptographically and secure UIDs at extreme volumes. DME is designed to maintain performance when dealing with an ever-growing amount of connected products.

Supply chain event handling

Long-term storage and fast retrieval of high-volume track and trace events. The repository system is constructed for high volume, hierarchical track and trace applications.

Packaging hierarchy management

Purpose-built compression technology for the management of packaging hierarchies of virtually unlimited size, including the relationship between UIDs in the hierarchy.

Experienced provider with a proven track record

Bayer logo, kezzler client.

Supporting supply-chain transparency, traceability, and enhanced affiliate management for Bayer Crop Science.

ReckittBenckiser logo, kezzler client.

Production-level coding, anti-counterfeiting and consumer validation for Reckitt Benckiser for hundreds of millions of products a year.

Friesland Campina, RFC logo, kezzler client.

Industry-first smart packaging solution, providing full end-to-end visibility for their top infant formula brand, FRISO.

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