It all started
with a bolt

For Kezzler, an accident sparked innovation. Counterfeit bolts with only 60% strength caused a fatal plane crash outside Denmark in 1989, sending Kezzler on a mission to secure supply-chains across all industries.

For over 16 years we've been championing the commercial advantages of mass serialization. We believe in the benefits, when every product has a unique digital DNA: a Kezzler code, we can solve real world problems in a sustainable way.

Our Values


We lead with innovative thinking that turns products into new channels for information and interaction. We continue to look ahead and beyond.


We build trust by making products transparent to brands and consumers across the value chain. Our open culture reflects this aim.


Our solutions make the Internet of Packaging possible. Our obsession with quality ensures Kezzler serialization achieves everything it can for each customer.

Life at Kezzler

The future’s incredible at technology’s forefront. Push your talent and see the difference you make. Looking for a journey?

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