Powering the
Intelligent Future

Global brands trust our serialization solutions, our unique Kezzler codes make over 6 billion product connections an everyday reality for our customers.
Part of our product offering, Consumer Engagement Solutions, cater for over 4 million API calls on average per day.

Introducing Kezzler

For over 16 years we've been championing the commercial advantages of mass serialization. We believe in the benefits, when every product has a unique digital DNA: a Kezzler code, we can solve real world problems in a sustainable way.


We lead with innovative thinking that turns products into new channels for information and interaction. We continue to look ahead and beyond.


We build trust by making products transparent to brands and consumers across the value chain. Our open culture reflects this aim.


Our solutions make the Internet of Packaging possible. Our obsession with quality ensures Kezzler serialisation achieves everything it can for each customer.

Life at Kezzler

The future’s incredible at technology’s forefront. Push your talent. See the difference you make. Looking for a journey? Join our visionary team.

Kezzler Careers

Magnar Løken d.y.

Founder, Chief Innovation Officer
Bringing vision and expertise in cryptography, public key infrastructure and system security to Kezzler.

Magnar started Kezzler with Joergen Wendt, growing the business into a company with a global reach. He is the inventor of Kezzler’s intelligent, patented technology.

Previously, Magnar was an oil and gas exploration equipment designer, a patent examiner and IT Head. He has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering.

Christine Charlotte Akselsen

Leading Kezzler's mission to become a global player in the digitalisation of products.

Kezzler's focus on scaling the business is well aligned with Christine’s experience with leading and building early stage companies, including outdoors product company, Sweet Protection, and energy and climate news and analytics company, Point Carbon.

Christine received her M.Sc. in Economics and Business from NHH and undergraduate degrees from Universities of Bergen and Oslo.

Per Richard Olsen

Chief Financial Officer
Overseeing Kezzler's operations and finances with military precision.

He has served as CFO at multiple financial and telecom/IT companies, from Ericsson to First Securities, Fujitsu, Kongsberg Gruppen, Orkla Finans and Ramirent AS. Previously a naval officer, Per Richard holds a BSc in Business Administration and qualifications from the Royal Norwegian Naval Post Graduate School and Oslo School of Management.

Johan Borg

Chief Technology Officer
Championing R&D and leading software development at Kezzler.

Johan joined Kezzler in 2015 from the innovative, international firm Opera Software.

Johan’s past roles include Vice President of Consumer Engineering and VP of Technology Partnerships. He has a MSc in Computer Science from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées, Toulouse, France.

Helle Chr. Nissen-Lie Detlie

Head of Human Resources
Looking after every member of the Kezzler team.

Helle is an experienced operations executive.

Before joining Kezzler, Helle was the CEO of private investment and fund management companies and a Board Secretary at Voss, Norway, one of the fastest growing beverage companies. Helle has a Masters in International Finance and a Bachelor degree in International Business and Finance.

John Beerens

Head of Sales
Creating growth with product development and strategic expertise in major global markets.

John is an experienced executive who knows the business of sales.

Before his Kezzler days, John led supply chain optimisation and industrial automation projects for FMCG blue-chip companies and held chief commercial officer positions in the technology sector. He studied law and then marketing, having degrees in both.

With Amcor, a leader in flexibles and rigid plastics packaging, we enable brand owners with new ways to provide individualised and interactive experiences on the packaging. With our unique way of enabling pre-serialised packaging, together we offer an innovative solution with multiple benefits and uses.
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BillerudKorsnäs offer the global packaging market sustainable paper and board material as well as packaging solutions. As an investor in Kezzler they support our vision of a future where packages are connected to enable safety, transparency and consumer interaction.
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With SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, we have a strategic alliance agreement to jointly market track and trace, brand protection and consumer engagement services to their global customers.
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Together with Toppan Printing Company, we use encryption technology together with our cloud–based solution to offer a wide range of security technologies providing brands with multiple layers of defense against counterfeit, tampering and diversion.
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